Personalised Triathlon Coaching

Feel like you've reached a plateau with your training, need more direction or just not improving? Our unique personal approach combines face to face coaching in all three of your disciplines, combined with a structured yet flexible training plan to fit around your busy daily life.  We've helped hundreds of people just like you achieve personal bests and podiums with our highly regarded personal approach to your training. No two plans are the same, yours is completely bespoke! Your training volume will progress at a suitable rate to stay injury free and boost your personal performance.

Plan Consulation

  • This is a one off initial session for us to find out your current training base and get you set up with your training plan 

  • You'll discuss what you feel is holding you back in your training in the moment and your event and training goals

  • Together we will design a flexible and most achievable plan to fit in with your lifestyle, allowing adequate time to rest and for family/social life

 Training Plan Features

  • Training cycles of 4 weeks at a time with evaluations every 12 weeks and after each event

  • Continuous email/phone support and reviewing of your plan to keep it flexible around your business trips/holidays

  • Simple user friendly online training platform with two-way session feedback

  • Regular test sessions in swim/bike/run to track your improvements and adjust your training speeds and distances accordingly

  • Training, racing, equipment & nutrition advice totally FREE!

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Bespoke Triathlon Training Plans & Personal Coaching at

We coach you with a user-friendly online training diary to prescribe each session and log your performance over time. Click the image to expand to see an example of one of our athlete's training plans. Everyone's sessions and plans will be different to suit your level!

We offer two levels to suit your needs; Full Coaching or Mentoring only.

1. Full Coaching 

  • Includes initial Video Analysis in all sports

  • Includes 6 x 1 hour 1:1 coaching in your choice of swim, bike or run per 12 week block 

  • Most people go for this option as its very good value!

Additional Training Plan Features

  • We offer expert Video Analysis Sessions to identify exactly what's holding you back and perfect your technique and efficiency

  • Technique Squad sessions to keep you tuned up & CSS Training to build your threshold speed in the water

  • Private Open Water Coaching  

  • Open Water Squad Sessions to practice your race skills at the lake in the summer

  • Individual swim specific fitness training sessions designed to maximise your performance in endurance swimming 

2. Mentoring Only

  • 1:1 Coaching sessions are available at any time during the plan at additional cost

  • As a minimum we suggest you start with swimming and running Video Analyses

  • Bike handling & gearing techniques 

  • Turbo trainer specific work outs (using power meters / Wattbikes / Trainer Road)

  • Speed work and cadence optimisation

  • Threshold and power training

  • Race specific sessions

  • Road and Time trial options

  • Beginner and advanced technique analysis and improvement on the track

  • Off road running trail running skills

  • Sustaining good pacing and using feel to judge speed

  • Brick sessions training you to run off the bike

  • Race tactics

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