Expert Triathlon Analysis Clinic

Saturday 23rd April 9.00am-5.00pm

Tri Swim Coaching have partnered with world experts Shane Benzie from Running Reborn and Mark Harvey from Take 3 Tri to bring you a pioneering clinic in all three of the triathlon disciplines. You'll go away with an enhanced understanding of what's holding you back in swim, bike and run and how to improve your performance, whatever your current ability or race distance. You'll experience cutting edge technologies from industry experts.

Expert Swim Smooth Video Analysis with Tri Swim Coaching

See your swimming from a range of angles above and below the water. We'll identify the great areas of your stroke and what you need to work on using cutting edge HD wide angle technology and world class coaching methods. You'll take home a recorded 1:1 analysis of your stroke faults, see whats holding you back and how we can fix it. You'll have your stroke compared to elite athletes and how you can learn from their movement. High quality video footage of the drills you need to use to improve will also be shown. You'll be given an individual Training Plan for you to follow, specific to the way you swim. You'll be one of three in a very intimate stroke correction session to perfect your individual stroke. The session will truly revolutionise your triathlon swimming!

Annie is one of 15 Certified Swim Smooth Coaches in the world, specialising in swimming technique and stroke correction using Swim Smooth methodologies. Annie's background includes Exercise Science and individually tailored performance analysis. Together with Ali's knowledge as a multiple Ironman Triathlete and Enduro Race Coaching, Tri Swim Coaching, has fast become the market leader in triathlon swimming performance. Infact people travel from as far as Australia to be analysed! Their sound scientific knowledge and endurance race experience is brought together to leave no stone unturned in refining and perfecting your individual stroke to suit your race environment.

Expert bike fitting and performance with Dr Mark Harvey

This session will introduce you to the world of bike positional analysis through the use of the Retul 3D motion capture system. A practical demonstration will be given, highlighting and discussing the issues triathletes need to consider; comfort, power, aerodynamics, injury prevention. Along with positional advice, you will be guided through the sometimes confusing world of training for performance gains on the bike, as well as equipment choices to maximise speed/comfort. Leaving with a new found confidence in your bike knowledge, athletes will be able to realise their potential during the bike leg and execute a strong run from it.

Specialising in Bike fitting, cycling bio-mechanics and performance gains, Mark is quite rightly recognised as one of the leading bike fitting experts in the UK. Having worked with hundreds of cyclists, from those looking for their first bike, to race teams, World ITU triathletes and Kona qualifiers, his knowledge base and experience is huge. Fully qualified as an advanced level Retul Bike fitting technician, and a hugely experienced triathlete himself, he specialises in triathlon bike fits, either on road or tri bikes. Marks bike fitting philosophy revolves around the rider as an individual, looking to maximise their performance (power) through position optimisation (comfort).

Expert Vi-Move Running Analysis 

This session will allow the runner to view 360 degree video analysis of the whole body and and receive data on their running dynamics, including ground reaction force, initial peak acceleration, ground contact time, cadence and vertical displacement. The analysis is carried on each limb ensuring that the balance and symmetry of movement is understood. All analysis takes place outside in the natural environment and away from the treadmill, for the first time laboratory quality analysis can be carried in the the environment we we actually train and compete in. The session is designed to fun and interactive, encouraging discussion about the analysis and how we can use the information to improve our running. You'll leave with a sound understanding of how to blast through the finish line.

Shane Benzie is a movement specialist, focusing on running technique analysis and technique coaching, he is also a researcher and works with the university of Kent on a number of research projects on endurance performance and it's effects on competitors. Shane's work pays particular attention to movement efficiency and reducing the effects of impact on the runners body, this increases performance and significantly reduces the chances of injury during training and competition. His coaching and analysis is designed to pass on his experience built during coaching and researching in Kenya and Ethiopia and endurance performance in extreme environments on six continents, "it's all about taking ownership of your movement when running and introducing it to your triathlon training and competition"

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