Freestyle Improvement Course £129

Courses are held at Oxford Park Club, Abingdon School & High Wycombe Leisure Centre and run for 6 weeks. It costs £129 for the full 6 week course including a High Definition underwater Video Analysis of your stroke in the first and last sessions. Spaces are strictly limited to 6-8 participants so you get lots of attention. We improve these areas of your technique:

  • Bilateral Breathing and Exhalation

  • Rotation - how much is enough?

  • Individual Arm Recovery style to suit your shoulder mobility

  • Proper hand entry

  • Good alignment and preventing crossovers

  • Catch mechanics and pulling through more propulsively

  • How to achieve a streamlined horizontal body position 

  • What an effective kick looks like for triathletes and swimmers

  • Distance freestyle swimming technique & swimming continuously


This course is for you if you can already swim freestyle/front crawl, maybe you're struggling to complete a length or two without stopping. Perhaps you've learned in the past or need a refresher on new techniques. We also have Beginner freestyle courses which are suitable if you're completely new to swimming freestyle. Courses routinely fully book so please book early to avoid having to wait another 6 weeks!

Running out of air?

Holding your breath stores CO2 and makes you feel like you need to stop after a short distance. Learn to exhale smoothly to start swimming aerobically, making swimming longer distances easier.

Abingdon School Course Dates

Tuesday 4th September 8.45pm 3 SPACES

Wednesday 5th September 9pm 4 SPACES

High Wycombe Leisure Course Dates

Thursday 6th September 8.00pm 2 SPACES

Oxford Park Club Course Date

Monday 3rd September 7.30pm 3 SPACES

"After completing the beginners course I signed up to the 6 week improvers course with Annie and this really took my swimming to the next level; not just improving my technique and efficiency in all the different elements of my stroke, but each week increasing my confidence in the water and pushing the distance I was able to swim. Everyone on the course was so supportive and friendly it really made me look forward to my swimming lessons on Wednesday evening. During the last few weeks of the course I also started joining the squad sessions which again have further consolidated the technique drills we learnt as well as providing a good challenge. Ali and Annie really provide the encouragement to push myself harder during these sessions and I’m always surprised by how much I achieve and the improvements that I make." Steve, now a regular squad member and great swimmer!

Can't catch or feel the water?

Pulling through wide, straight or in an S shape are all ineffective ways of catching the water. Learn how to feel the water, tip your wrist, bend your elbow and push the water backwards in line with your shoulder to engage the large strong muscles in your upper back and ease the strain on your shoulders.  We'll build a propulsive freestyle stroke, which is more efficient and less tiring. 

Kicking with bent knees causes more drag than propulsion. We'll help you kick from the hips to get those legs up so you can swim with less effort.


Did you know even the great sprinter Ian Thorpe only generated 11% propulsion from his powerful leg kick? As beginner swimmers, triathletes and longer distance freestylers we're looking to improve your arm propulsion. We teach a minimal leg kick to help you get your legs up without burning alot of energy. This is economical for distance swimming and helps save your legs for the bike and run.

Interested to find out more or enquire about Private Swimming Lessons instead?

Please give us a little bit of background about your swimming/triathlon experience and location so we can direct you to the right coach to help you improve. 

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