1:1 Open Water Swimming Coaching 

1:1 or private group sessions can be a great way to improve confidence for beginners and swimming speed for more advanced swimmers. Often the swim fitness is there but it's not translating into fast Open Water swim times. This can be for a number of reasons; poor technique, slow arm turnover, over kicking, not sighting frequently enough and bad pacing.


Our personal open water sessions will help your child feel more confident getting their face in the water and dealing with this new environment. They'll learn how to sight properly and swim in a straight line. They'll improve their technique while your coach paddles next to them in a kayak.


We've helped hundreds of swimmers improve their open water swimming over the past 10 years, there's always a way to get faster! We have coached numerous Regional and National Open Water Swimmers over the past 12 years helping some to podium nationally. 

Sessions are held at Bicester Hotel Performance Centre, Oxford Wakeboard & Ski Centre & The River Thames around Oxford.

Sessions Include
  • Breathing & Exhalation 

  • Breathing to both sides

  • Arm recovery styles & hand entry

  • Catch mechanics & improving propulsion for less effort

  • Enhancing stroke rate

  • Kick technique & optimising for open water swimming