Private Pool Swimming Coaching 

Perhaps you're returning to swimming as an adult or you're a beginner triathlete looking to improve your technique and ability to sustain continuous freestyle. Our friendly approach to coaching will make you swim more comfortably and faster for less effort. We will help you feel more confident exhaling to stop getting so frustrated and out of breath. You'll learn what proper technique looks like feels like so you swim more smoothly over the longer distance. We use modern scientific coaching techniques involving using video for demonstrations and visual feedback on how your stroke is improving. 

Sessions are held at Abingdon School, Milton Park Club, Oxford Park Club & The Oratory School Woodcote and are available daytime, evening and weekend to suit your schedule.

Sessions Include
  • Breathing & Exhalation 

  • Breathing to both sides

  • Arm recovery styles & hand entry

  • Catch mechanics & improving propulsion for less effort

  • Enhancing stroke rate

  • Kick technique & optimising for open water swimming

Private Open Water Coaching

Our personal open water sessions will help you feel more confident getting your face in the water and dealing with this new environment. You'll learn how to sight properly and swim in a straight line. You'll improve your technique while your coach paddles next to you in a kayak. You'll be taught how to prevent zig zagging in your races, which can sometimes add 10-20% to your total swimming distance! These sessions are highly recommended and book up weeks in advance. Suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced swimmers looking for the edge over your competitors. One to one or small group coaching is also available. We've helped hundreds of swimmers improve their open water swimming over the past 10 years, there's always a way to get faster!

Sessions are held at the Oxford Wakeboard & Ski Centre (Queenford Lakes) in Oxford or the River Thames and are available daytime, evening and weekend to suit your schedule.

Sessions Include
  • Swimming in a straight line

  • Controlling breathing

  • Managing phobias

  • How to pace yourself to avoid the red zone

  • Stroke adaptation for wetsuit swimming in the open water

  • Confidence swimming close to other people

  • Race tactics

  • Training tips

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