Running Technique & Efficiency Clinics £99 


The workshop is designed to be fun and informative, giving you the opportunity to analyse your current running form and learn new techniques and thought processes that will change the way you think about running and movement.

You'll come away from the Running Clinic with a fully enhanced understanding of how to run properly, with some new tools to take away to continue improving your technique and training to boost your performance this season.

Areas covered:

  • Posture, breathing, arm swing and cadence

  • Foot contact and biomechanical efficiency

  •  Balance and symmetry of movement

  • Unique 360 degree ViMove Technology will be showcased, demonstrating how lab style movement analysis can be brought to your natural running environment!


The high quality group classroom session includes individual technique development and intervention based on your running style. You'll find out the things currently holding you back within your running form. There's a maximum class size of 12 people to enhance your feedback time.


We take our time over learning how to do running drills properly to enhance the speed you make changes to your technique.


Upcoming Dates...


Saturday 14th May 10.00-4.00pm at Tilsey Park Track, Abingdon. 5 spaces left


About Running Reborn

Shane specialises in the body's natural movement and coaching a running form that concentrates on energy efficiency and reducing the effects of impact on the body, allowing runners to train more effectively, this increases their performance during competition and significantly reduces their chances of injury.

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