1:1 Swimming Coaching 

Beginner 1:1 Lessons

Whether your child has has swimming lessons in the past and wants to improve their strokes or they're hoping to complete a biathlon or triathlon one day we can help! Our friendly approach to coaching will help your child learn what proper technique looks like and how to do it! We use modern scientific coaching techniques, often using video for demonstrations and instant visual feedback on how their stroke is improving. Coaching in all four strokes available from highly experienced friendly coaches.

Sessions Include
  • Breathing & Exhalation 

  • Breathing to both sides

  • Arm recovery styles & hand entry

  • Catch mechanics & improving propulsion for less effort

  • Enhancing stroke rate

  • Kick technique & optimising for open water swimming

More Advanced Swimmers

We highly recommend your child starts their coaching journey with us with a Video Analysis & Stroke Correction Session. This is the quickest and most cost effective way to improve. They'll see their stroke faults from a range of different angles above and below the water, have their stroke compared to elite athletes and have a much better idea of what they should be doing after the immediate stroke correction. We've helped literally hundreds of swimmers improve dramatically and quickly this way - don't underestimate its power!

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