Yoga for Triathletes

We welcome all junior triathletes, cyclists, runners and swimmers to join in this specialist class designed to help you increase your flexibility, strength and well being. It will help you to maintain your flexibility and improve your posture and general core control and alignment. All of these aspects contribute to great swimming, running and cycling technique and efficiency.


This class offers core stability, strength and flexibility to help you improve your transfer of energy between the upper and lower parts of the body, reducing energy wastage through unnecessary movements. 


Coached by a highly trained Yoga Master Gina G Yoga, who practices many styles of yoga and incorporates great breathing technique and meditation into each class.

Starts on Monday 1st October 2018 at Abingdon School Studio. Spaces are limited so please book early!

How much does it cost?

Unlike swimming clubs, there's no fee to the Tri Swim Coaching group sessions. We have various payment options to suit your lifestyle:

1. PAYG for £15 just book and turn up when your schedule permits.

2. £100 for ten sessions, can't make a session? No problem, book into another so you still get your ten sessions in ten weeks (valid on our awesome adult swimming group sessions too!)

3. £40 for one session per week or £80 for two per week.

Who's this class for?

You don't have to be experienced at Yoga! We welcome all abilities to all of our group sessions, whatever your sport or level of performance.

When is the class?

 Every Monday at 8.30pm in the fabulous studio at Abingdon School.

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FREE taster session

We're a friendly bunch but we know joining a new group class an be a little daunting at first. Our sessions are open to everyone no matter what your swimming background or experience. We welcome your child to come and try out any class and see if it's for them - we're pretty sure your child will thrive in our great supportive coaching environment!

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